Saturday, June 30, 2018

Perfectly Imperfect - Cherry Blossom Envelope Art

Hello everyone and happy Saturday!
So this take over the blog post is going to be downright honest and truthful and I am going to share a project that I like now but originally I was not a fan of, and I am going to tell you all why.
So let's get started.

I started with a Kraft envelope and using the Raisin Boat Cherry Blossom stamp set (10149-Z) I colored the stamps with water color pens and spritzed them with lots of water, I then stamped them down around the address area I had doodled around with a thin black pen.  Isn't this stamp pretty and look at how unexpected my results are, I mean they are Cherry Blossoms but are so undefined and ethereal, fun right?

I moved the stamps all around and continued adding water colors to the stamps, spritzing with water and stamping down.  I then set that aside to dry.  When it was dry I took some Perfect Pearls in the color Perfect Pearls and added some water to an acrylic block, mixed them together and then flicked them onto the envelope.  I then added my "To" address (I do have permission from the recipient to use her address) and this is where things took a turn..... I hated my handwriting and messed up the address, so I tried to fix it and it just got worse.  But I did not want to throw away the envelope, I liked it.  So I took an exacto knife and cut out the address portion.  I know right? Crazy!  So then I took a piece of acetate and backed the window like I would a shaker card or window envelope and it was better and then I re-doodled the lines around the window.  I then took a piece of Kraft card stock and re did the "To" address and when I was happier with it I attached it to the inside of the card. 
To finish it all off, because I really am going to mail it, I needed a stamp.  And I have an abundance of stamps because I LOVE them and when the post office releases new ones I am generally right there in line adding to my supply.  So the other thing is I try to match stamps on my cards to the recipient, and this recipient is a fan, ahem, FAN of Disney, the stamp does not necessarily match the watercolor flowers, except the brown colors, maybe, sort of.... but I decided to stick with my decision.   And that was the next area I was a little unhappy with, until I started to really think of why I was making the envelope, who I was sending it to and the fact that any kindness or thought of another is generally what makes people smile and gives them happiness.  So although it is not "perfect" and  I see the "flaws" I reevaluated and I like it after all, it is real and shows the true reason I got into card making, sharing a smile and a thought and a bit of happiness.  Because in the end who does not like to get happy mail in their box whether I see an "issue" with it or not, because generally speaking we are our own worst critics and maybe just maybe it was me stepping out of my crafty box and just feeling like it was so different from my normal that it wasn't good enough or perfect. So this Saturday I wish you all patience with your self and your talents and joy that you create and that whatever you create or share is perfect and special and appreciated, no mater what your little inner voice tells you, you rock!
See you all soon

Cherry Blossom (10149-Z)

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